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Friday, July 17th

Saturday, July 18th

Sunday, July 19th

Bull Run

2019 Bull Run Results:

First Place Female: Alyssa Alness, age 31, Time 20:41
First Place Male: Andrew Thies, age 26, Time 17:34

First place Team: Jamison Family
Second Place Team: Schultz Family
Third Place Team: Fahey Family

Age Group Results: *=gender winner 
14 and under: Belle Jeurissen, Emmett Gerres, Mackenzie Murphy, Kaleb Sharp, Lilly Jamison, Alan Zarate
15-19: Malina Koepp, Elliot Rudd, Vicki Flores, Drew Hatings, Jordyn Williams, Sean Weckman
20-29: Danika Schroeder, Andrew Thies*, Elizabeth Alness, Zach Hennen, Elizabeth Johnson, Nick Zurn
30-39: Alyssa Alness*, Jon Jamison, Tara Henke, Tyler Decarreau, Andrea Gerres, Chad Trost
40-49: Lisa Jamison, Brian Jamison, Kate Pavek, Adrian Bahr, Amy Fahey, Cory Schmidt
50-59: Rhonda Hennen, Brian Trost, Sue Schultz, Jeff Latzke, Teresa Tierney, Joe Murphy
60-69: Linda Nelson, Mark Siemon, Brad Schultz, Jon Alness
70+: Bill Kruschke

Kids 1/2 mile Results

Gruver Halli f 8 3:05
Rupp Devan m 11 3:12
Gruver Reese f 9 3:14
Murphy Michael m 9 3:19
Dorian Grauden m 7 3:32
Schultz Cece f 8 3:37
Rupp Alissa f 9 3:38
McKnight Amarion m 5 3:42
Ott Thomas m 8 3:45
Olson Mikayla f 8 3:48
Edmonds Amyla f 7 3:48
Westphal Ambrielle f 7 3:49
Fogarty Gavin m 7 3:49
Eckblad Douglas m 9 3:50
Delfke KJ m 6 3:59
Galloway William m 7 4:00
Galloway Wes m 4 4:05
Gutzke Trayton m 8 4:07
Zwick Elijah m 5 4:11
Dose Brynlee f 6 4:11
Henke Jayce m 5 4:12
Dorian Hadley f 5 4:20
Biermaier Anne f 4 4:21
Eckblad Delana f 6 4:31
Lambert Lowynn f 5 4:37
Pocingo Michael m 8 4:54
Dose Maeya f 8 4:59
Gruver Chase m 5 5:33
Schultz Charlie f 5 5:43
Barret Lochy f 5 5:50
Hazelton William m 3 5:53
Steuwe Emmett m 8 5:56
Steuwe Ethan m 6 6:03
Zwick Emmett m 3 6:07
Vandermark JD m 3 6:08
Marsh Izaak m 5 6:10

Saturday Parade

Saturday, July 18th @ Noon

2020 Parade Theme:  

???? to be announced soon ????

Cash prizes totaling $1,000!! donated by the Belle Plaine Chamber of Commerce.

Cash prizes awarded to the Top Three Floats participating with the named theme.

2019 BBQ Days Parade Entry Form

Our parade route follows Main Street starting at the Fire Hall (corner of Ash and Main) west all the way down past the Lutheran Home and Kingsway Retirement Living.

Belle Plaine Boy Scouts will be collecting trash at the end of the parade and the Belle Plaine Rotary will be collecting cans along the parade route. Our local food shelf will also be collecting canned goods!


BBQ Days Royalty

2019 Royalty – pictured L to R – Second Princess: Brooke Adamietz, Queen: Kara Reitz, First Princess: Madison McGrane and Miss Congeniality: Isabella England



No pets allowed at the park during BBQ Days (exception for service animals).

No guns allowed at the park during BBQ Days.

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